2018-19: ADMISSION OPEN FOR CLASS XI (SCIENCE, HUMANITIES, COMMERCE). Forms available from 2.30pm - 4pm.                NEW PHONE NUMBERS: The school landline number 0832-6572733/6571315 is not operational due to technical difficulties from the Service providers. HENCEFORTH CONTACT US ON 0832-2860273 / 9823105911 OR thekingschool@yahoo.co.in may be used to contact the school.                Admissions are closed for the academic year 2018-19.
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About Us

Mission Statement

¢ To give all glory for every step taken, to the Lord Jesus Christ.
¢ To impart a strong sense of personal integrity and fundamental human values, in order to face every challenge of life.
¢ To provide openings for all round development through leadership qualities that will turn young children of today into mature and responsible citizens of India s secular democracy.
¢ To engage the mind with thought and knowledge, that will enable one to stand up strong and tall

Our Vision

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it This statement is from the Book of Proverbs 22:6 from the Holy Bible.


Ms. Tanuja V. Dessai Principal
Mr. Wilson Varghese Headmaster
Ms. SANDHYA BALE Supervisor

Admin Staff

Ms. JOLENE   FERNANDES Senior Front Desk Executive
Ms. HYACINTH   FERNANDES Senior Office Executive
Mr. NIGEL   D'COSTA Senior Network and System Administrator1
Mr. JAISON FERNANDES Junior Network and System Administrator2
Mr. Tauheed Khwaja Office Assistant
Mr. Sushant Naik Office Assistant
Ms. NADIA FERNANDES Junior Front Desk Executive
Ms. QUEENCY REBELLO Sports Manager
Ms. AUDREY D’COSTA Accounts Assistant
Mr. JOSE MARIO GOMES Route co-ordinator /Campus manager

Medical Staff



Ms. SILVIA  DINIZ Assistant Librarian


Ms. DANIKA LOBO Full Time School Counsellor
Resource Person (CWSN)  
Ms. MAYDORA BARBOSA Special Educator
Ms. ANUSHA DOSHI Special Educator

Teaching Staff

Ms. SIPPORA AROLE Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. Erica Fernandes Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. Difa Dias e Pereira Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. STACY COUTINHO Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. MITA SHANBHAG Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. SEEZEL   FERNANDES Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. JUDITH FERNANDES Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. DONNA   DINIZ E PEREIRA Pre-Primary Teacher
Ms. Sameera Naik Primary Teacher
Ms. CATHERINE MORAES Primary Teacher
Ms. PUJA NAGVENKAR Primary Teacher
Ms. LAVITA BARRETTO Primary Teacher
Ms. Ashwini Darure Primary Teacher
Ms. Swita Fernandes Primary Teacher
Ms. Rajalakshmi Primary Teacher
Ms. Charanjit Negi Primary Teacher
Ms. CHELSEA   D'SILVA Primary Teacher
Ms. Brinda Cabral Primary Teacher
Ms. MEGHA PAWAR Primary Teacher
Ms. Jenifa Mascarenhas Primary Teacher
Ms. SUHA   BORKAR Primary Teacher
Ms. PRERANA RAIKAR Primary Teacher
Ms. BHAVANA A RANE Primary Teacher
Ms. MEENAXI KHAMKAR Secondary Teacher
Ms. NAZIA SHAIKH HUSSAIN Secondary Teacher
Ms. Andrea Rodrigues Secondary Teacher
Ms. Moinca Fernandes Secondary Teacher
Ms. Soumya Harish Secondary Teacher
Ms. SWATI CHAVAN Secondary Teacher
Ms. SUNANDA REBELLO Secondary Teacher
Ms. KRANTI DEVIDAS Secondary Teacher
Ms. PRITI NAIK Secondary Teacher
Ms. ANNA J VIEIRA Secondary Teacher
Ms. SHRUTI  CHODANKAR Secondary Teacher
Ms. SANHITA   MAZUMDAR Secondary Teacher
Ms. Ritu Anand Secondary Teacher
Ms. CLAIRE MIRANDA Secondary Teacher
Ms. MINI VARGHESE Secondary Teacher
Ms. RINKU SARMAH Secondary Teacher
Ms. Anisha Dias e D'Sa Senior Secondary Teacher
Ms. CHRISTINA W RODRIGUES Senior Secondary Teacher
Ms. SUNITA HIREMATH Senior Secondary Teacher
Ms. Feona Pereirae Menezes Senior Secondary Teacher
Ms. NISHA D’SOUZA Senior Secondary Teacher
Ms. SHERLY VARKEY Senior Secondary Teacher
Mr. Vaibhavkumar V. Dhundle Senior Secondary Teacher
Mr. NESHWIN ALMEIDA Senior Secondary Teacher
Ms. SAILI   GAONKAR Subject Teacher (Hindi)
Ms. Karen fernandes Subject Teacher (French)
Ms. Pooja YadaV Subject Teacher (Hindi)
Mr. DESMOND MCHALL Subject Teacher (English)
Mr. GAVIN CARVALHO Music Teacher
Mr. SUJAY NAIK Art Teacher
Ms. BHAVANI SWAMI Physical Education Instructor
Mr. VIJAY   SINGH Physical Training Instructor
Mr. SANTANO   FURTADO Sports Coach
Mr. MENINO   MIRANDA Sports Coach
Mr. MURLI TALEKAR Sports Coach
Ms. Domiana Gomendes   Sports Coach
Mr. SATISH SHETYE Skating Instructor
Mr. Hanumanta Lohar Swimming Instructor
Mr. JOSE MARIO GOMES Skating Instructor/Rock Climbing Instructor

Members of Sexual Harassment and Anti bullying Committee

Ms. Tanuja V Dessai Principal
Mr. Wilson Varghese Headmaster
Ms. DANIKA LOBO School Counselor
Mr. Vaibhavkumar V. Dhundle Teacher

Grievance/ Redressal Officer

Ms. Tanuja V DessaiPrincipal
E-mail: thekingschool@yahoo.co.in
Ph no.: 2860273

Details of Salary being paid by the school to teaching staff/non-staff

PRINCIPAL PB-3 15600-39100 7600
HEADMISTRESS PB-2 9300-34800 4800
COUNSELLOR PB-2 9300-34800 4800
TGT PB-2 9300-34800 4600
PTI / PET PB-2 9300-34800 4600
LIBRARIAN PB-2 9300-34800 4600
PRT PB-2 9300-34800 4200
ADMIN PB-2 9300-34800 4200
SUPPORT STAFF PB-1 5200-20200 1800

Mode of payment of salary

(i) Name  of  the Bank through which salary is drawing IDBI Bank, Margao
(ii) Through Single Cheque Bank Transfer advice  YES



ClassSectionClass Strength
KG-1 A 36
KG-1 B 36
KG-1 C36
KG-2 A 36
KG-2 B 36
1 A 40
1 B 40
1 C 40
2 A 40
2 B40
2 C 40
3 A 40
3 B 40
3 C 40
4 A 40
4 B 40
4 C 40
5 A 40
5 B 40
5 C 40
5 D 40
6 A 40
6 B 40
6 C 40
6 D 40
7 A 40
7 B 40
7 D 40
7 C 40
7 E 40
8 A 40
8 B 40
8 C 40
8 D 40
9 A 40
9 B 40
9 C 40
9 D 40
10 A 40
10 B 40
10 C 40
10 D 30
11 A 30
11 B 30
12 C 30
12 A 30
12 B 30
12 C 30

ACADEMIC YEAR 2017-2018: Details of Government Approved fee structure.

Sr. No. Fee/Charges For New Admissions
1 Admission Fee (One time once only for new admission) 122/- P.M (x12 months)
2 Reserve Fee (One time once only for new admission)  671/- P.M (x12 months)
3 Facilities charges (One time once only for new admission) 3117/- P.M (x12 months)
4 Caution Money (Refundable) 56/- P.M (x12 months)
  Total Monthly (for 1st year only that the student was admitted) 3966/- P.M (x12 months)
Sr. No. Std I to V Fee/Charges Regular Students  
1 Monthly Tuition Fee 2577/- (per month)
2 1st Term Fee 876/- (per term)
3 2nd Term Fee 876/- (per term)
4 Monthly Maintenance Charges 250/- (per month)
5 Monthly Miscellaneous Charges 1018/- (per month)
Sr. No. Std VI to VIII Fee/Charges Regular Students  
1 Monthly Tuition Fee 2739/- (per month)
2 1st Term Fee 876/-  (per term)
3 2nd Term Fee 876/- (per term)
4 Monthly Maintenance Charges 250/- (per month)
5 Monthly Miscellaneous Charges 856/- (per month)
Sr. No. Std IX to X Fee/Charges Regular Students
1. Monthly Tuition Fee  2900/- (per month)
2 1st Term Fee 876/-  (per term)
3 2nd Term Fee 876/- (per term)
4 Monthly Maintenance Charges  250/- (per month)
5 Monthly Miscellaneous Charges  695/- (per month)

ACADEMIC YEAR 2016-2017: Details of Government Approved fee structure for Senior Secondary

Sr. No.Fee/Charges For New Admissions
1 Admission Fee (One time once only for new admission) 134/- P.M (x12 months)
2 Facilities charges (One time once only for new admission) 4167/- P.M (x12 months)
3 Reserve Fee (One time once only for new admission) 737/- P.M (x12 months)
3 Caution Money (Refundable) 133/- P.M (x12 months)
 Total Monthly (for 1st year only that the student was admitted) 5171/- P.M( x 12 months)
Sr. No. Std XI Commerce / Humanities - Fee/Charges Regular Students 
1 Monthly Tuition Fee 4963/- (per month)
2 1st Term Fee 3678/-  (per term)
3 2nd Term Fee 3678/-  (per term)
4 Monthly Maintenance Charges 641/- (per month)
5 Monthly Miscellaneous Charges 847/- (per month)
Sr. No. Std XI Science Fee/Charges Regular Students
1 Monthly Tuition Fee 4963/- (per month)
2 1st Term Fee 3678/-  (per term)
3 2nd Term Fee 3678/-  (per term)
4 Monthly Maintenance Charges 641/- (per month)
5 Monthly Miscellaneous Charges 1041/- (per month)
6 Laboratories fees 847/- (per month)


The King s School is owned, managed and run by Margao Christian Education Trust. It s aim of running the academic institution is based on our reverence for the Mission of Education, providing a fine blend of modern educational techniques with time tested ideas and ideals.
The King s School was a dream of Founder Chairman late Manuel Filipe Pereira and Founder Annette Pereira. In 2005, The King s School was established as an English medium co-educational school for boys & girls.
The King s School is run on values and principles of the Christian Faith. We strive to be Salt and Light in the community, as we witness the love of Jesus Christ. The school is at the same time truly diverse, where students grow in mutual respect for each other irrespective of religion, class, caste or race. The inspiration to have a child centered education in the school is from the Holy Bible: `Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs.22:6. This is the plumb line for all we do in school. We seek to impart values and habits in our students so as they grow, develop and mature, they stand strong and tall before God and before man.
The Trustees reserves the right to run the school according to its norms, vision and values, being a minority institution, for the welfare of every student.

High Level (IX, X )& (XI ,XII)

The Kings School class IX& X students acquire the knowledge, experience and certification to gain access to higher secondary schools in India and in 24 countries where CBSE is represented. The curriculum offers English, Hindi or French, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Work Education, Art Education, Physical and Health Education, thus making them competent for National Level exams. The Science, Mathematics and Computer laboratories and the library are well equipped with the latest requirements and provide excellent study and research facilities. Students are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their own learning by doing reference and self-study. ASL (Assessment of speaking and listening skills) enhance learning in these years.

The CBSE inspection team from Delhi were very pleased with the Senior Secondary set up and The King's School Senior Secondary began its first batch in April 2014. It has been a wonderful experience ever since, with all 3 streams (i.e. Humanities, Commerce and Science) and 15 available subject choices catering to the various students aptitudes. The admission criterion considers Class IX & X grades and Grade Point Average in the respective subjects that are sought for Senior Secondary stream selection. Career Days, Campus Visits, Guest lectures by experts, Career discussions with professionals and provision of sample eligibility tests are a few career guidance programs that are undertaken. CBSE Assessment of speaking and listening skill (ASL) are also included. As per CBSE norms and wisdom, running of coaching institutions in school premises in the pretext of coaching for entrance exams is not approved of by the Board and misleads parents and student. No coaching or parallel coaching classes should be run in the school that consume and affects the regular time table of the school".

Primary Level (I to V)

At the primary stage the child acquires a certain level of maturity in learning habits. The syllabus includes English, Hindi, (Konkani introduced in Class III), Math, Science, Environmental Education, Computers and General Knowledge, Music, Art & Craft, Value Education, Physical Health & Education, Sports (Swimming : optional), Library & Co-curricular activities occupy a prominent place in the school's programme and are graded. As per CBSE directives. Co-scholastic areas such as Life Skills (Thinking Skills, Social Skills and Emotional Skill); Attitudes and values towards Teachers, School Mates, School Programmes and Environment are graded.


The nursery is the cradle of school. Those delicate years of a child's life, when they observe and feel the wonders of their surroundings, they see, touch, feel, hear, taste and smell the objects around them. This is only the stepping-stone to the Kindergarten stage. The psychomotor skills begin taking off. The colours, pictures, soft toy shapes, sound movements cause them to develop their senses. They learn to emit sounds and also listen to analyze them. The musical notes, rhythms and rhymes help to synchronize the speech and listening abilities. Nursery games and activities develop their motor skills.
Recognition of outlines, shapes, textures, hardness and softness is done by the material and objects provided. Senses of judgement and correction are also developed. Social traits are promoted through class activities. Memory and recall skills are developed through simple letters, words, identification and repetitive procedures.


This is the transition stage of the high school classes. The gradation of syllabus is retained conveniently without losing the learning outcomes. The co-curricular activities acquire an even more vigorous and team nature. Evaluation is done regularly through Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation’, completely integrated with the process of teaching and learning, covering both scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of education spread over the total span of instructional time during an academic year, on the basis of assessment of performance in co-curricular subjects, assignments, projects/practical work. Grading system is emphasized at all levels. The students also have tests and exams. Socially useful productive work and hobby classes are included. All other activities mentioned in Primary Level are retained at a higher degree.


Art Club “ d Artist

Central Board of Secondary Education recognizes that the significance of art lies beyond useful hobbies and leisure activities and therefore our Art Club “ d Artist , constitutes a crucial component of the school curriculum. Students are reservoirs of `creative talent, Hence, Art is a way of discovering space, organization, colours, forms, lines, texture, and movements: sound etc. A student develops a sense of organization which further inculcates a sense of order with regard to their personal appearance, home, school and community.

Heritage Club

Was formed with the aim of encouraging our students to develop a passion and love for India s and Goa s rich and varied heritage. Field trips, walks and various activities are organised to learn traditional ways and culture of our state and country.


Our multitalented music staff provides a wide sphere of opportunity for our students to develop and nurture their talent s and abilities in westerns and Indian classical music. A special focus is laid on voice training, percussion, drums, guitar and organ.

Sports Club

We cater to different kinds of sports in the life of the school. We encourage children to start participating in their early years in sports such as football, hockey, cricket, basketball, badminton, table tennis, volley ball, throw ball, baseball, kho kho, kabbadi, athletics, swimming and skating.

Nature Buddies

This club is constituted to help, protect and save the environment. Children of all ages are encouraged to participate in various programmes that connect them with the flora and fauna in our state of Goa. They also learn about endangered species in our country and in the world and contributing to their survival.

Managing committee

Managing Committee

Mr. Melvin F PereiraChairmanEducationist, Ex Principal
Mrs. Ligia Pereira MemberNominated Director, Principal (ChildCare School)
Mrs. Tanuja V DessaiMemberPrincipal
Mr. Wilson Varghese Member SecretarySchool Headmaster
Mrs. Priti NaikMemberTeacher
Mrs. Sameera NaikMemberTeacher
Mr. Myron Rodrigues TreasurerParent
Mr. Nilesh NewalkarMemberParent
Mr. Avinash Lobo MemberEx Parent
Mrs. Freeda Antao MemberTeacher of another school
Mrs. Pramila FernandesMemberTeacher of another school
Mr. Silas JohnsonMemberSr. Sec. Principal of another school
Mr. Shawn RebelloMemberSr. Sec. Principal of another school

Contact Us

The King School,854, Mugalli,Sao Jose De Areal,
Salcette Goa-403709
Our Phone
0832-2860273, 9823105911




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Online Fee Payment

Payment Process: Make Your Payments In The Following Simple Steps
  • Click on Type of online Fee Payment.
  • User Information Form: Enter your child’s details provided by the school.
  • Mode of Payment Page: Choose mode of payment - Net Banking / Debit Card / Credit Card.
  • Payment Page: Make the payment on a secure payment gateway.
  • Transaction Receipt: Get transaction receipt and a copy in your email.
  • Transaction Charges
Payment :Option Transaction Charges
Credit Card 1.25% - transaction*
Debit Card (2000 above) 1% - transaction*
Debit Card (Below 2000) 3.8% - transaction*
Net Banking (Other) Rs. 7 - transaction*
Net Banking (SBI/HDFC/ICICI/AXIS) Rs. 15 - transaction*
*Taxes: Extra As Applicable    



Enrolment, Registration & Application Procedure.

Parents can register their child for admission to The King’s School using any one of the following options:

1. Register Online via the Online Registration option available on our website. You would be required to pay the Registration fee through our online payment gateway.
2. Purchase the Registration Form, by paying 350 as the Registration Fee. Duly fill it and submit it at the school.
* Timings to visit the School: Monday to Friday, Morning 8:30 am to 9.30 am / Afternoon 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm

Online Registration
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