Activities News
  • Art Club – d’Artist
    Central Board of Secondary Education recognizes that the significance of art lies beyond ‘useful hobbies’ and ‘leisure activities’ and therefore our Art Club – d’Artist , constitutes a crucial component of the school curriculum. Students are reservoirs of `creative talent’, Hence, Art is a way of discovering space, organization, colours, forms, lines, texture, and movements: sound etc. A student develops a sense of organization which further inculcates a sense of order with regard to their personal appearance, home, school and community.
  • Heritage Club
    Was formed with the aim of encouraging our students to develop a passion and love for India’s and Goa’s rich and varied heritage. Field trips, walks and various activities are organised to learn traditional ways and culture of our state and country.
  • Music
    Our multitalented music staff provides a wide sphere of opportunity for our students to develop and nurture their talent s and abilities in westerns and Indian classical music. A special focus is laid on voice training, percussion, drums, guitar and organ.
  • Nature Buddies
    This club is constituted to help, protect and save the environment. Children of all ages are encouraged to participate in various programmes that connect them with the flora and fauna in our state of Goa. They also learn about endangered species in our country and in the world and contributing to their survival.
  • Sports Club
    We cater to different kinds of sports in the life of the school. We encourage children to start participating in their early years in sports such as football, hockey, cricket, basketball, badminton, table tennis, volley ball, throw ball, baseball, kho kho, kabbadi, athletics, swimming and skating.